A Landscape of Lies article

A little bit of press in the ‘Wales Art Review’ by Peter Gaskell following the screening of ‘A Landscape of Lies’ at the Vue cinema in Cardiff:

Landscape of Lies is a London-based thriller ostensibly about a man in a failing marriage whose business is under threat from a gangster wanting to muscle in and take over. It is the impressive cinematography that makes this film so effective, adding cinematic colour to the underlying theme about the effects of war on soldiers. It is gradually revealed that the villain of the piece has become a flashy gangster as a result of being warped by brutal treatment at the hands of his military father, while the more humble protagonist, a veteran of the Iraq war, was able to maintain his integrity despite constant provocation.

It bodes well that Cardiff International Film Festival kicked off with such offerings of quality, for its chances also of establishing a dimension for Wales as a showcase for world film, as well as a home for quality film production. Michael Sheen said it well in endorsing the event for “the opportunity it gives to both welcome films from all around the world and promote our own home-grown films in both English and Welsh language.”