The Interrogation of Olivia Donovan

I had the pleasure working with a great team as the 1st AD on this project alongside Writer/Director Carl Mackenzie and Cinematographer Scott Sandford.

The Interrogation of Olivia Donovan is a disturbing story exploring child abduction and the ripple effect it has on all those involved.

Following the arrest of Bradley Donovan for the abduction of Katie Fenwick, police officers set out to Donovan’s house in the hope of finding the missing schoolgirl. When they arrive, they are greeted by Donovan’s worried wife, Olivia. With Olivia’s state of mind in a very vulnerable place, the police officers must use all their experience and tact to try to encourage Olivia to cooperate. Throughout the interview, Olivia defends her husband, refusing to believe any of the accusations. However, what the police officers do not realise is that Olivia has an agenda of her own. As a strange game of cat and mouse ensues, we begin to ask ourselves if everything is as black and white as it seems.

  Starring Eva Pope, Cristian Solimeno & Ellie Paskell

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