CHANCERS: The Great Gangster Film Fraud

A bankrupt Jordanian entrepreneur and an unemployed Irish actress hatch a plan to scam £2.5m off the British taxman by faking the production of a £20m movie. But they are found out, arrested and then bailed. While out on bail, they decide to prove their innocence by actually making a film. They hire a former nightclub bouncer, now a self-made micro-budget, gangster film director.

In 2011, Paul Knight makes their movie for under a hundred thousand pounds with a cast of soap and gangster movie stars including Danny Midwinter, Marc Bannerman and Loose Women’s Andrea McLean.

The film’s title? “A Landscape of Lies.”

But the cinematic alibi does not convince the jury, when the trial runs in 2013. The producers are convicted of tax fraud and given long sentences.

This documentary is a comic British crime caper and classic heist movie, but in this tale, the heist is the movie.

Aired on 24.01.16 pm BBC 4 and is available on BBC Iplayer until 23rd February – click here: BBC IPlayer