In this increasingly violent and troubled world, people demand to be respected. But what exactly is respect? Is it learned or earned? How do you go from being a ‘nobody’ to a ‘somebody’? How do you respect others and equally how can you get other people to respect you? Can you only be truly respected if you have a reputation? There is probably no one more qualified to talk about respect and reputation in prison than Charles Bronson. Tagged one of the most violent prisoners in the UK, Charlie has spent over thirty years in solitary confinement, is respected by both prisoners and wardens alike and has a fearsome and frightening reputation. In complete contrast, although he has spent much of his life surrounded by violence, former bouncer and bodyguard Robin Barratt would now prefer to take a passive path away from any conflict. In this fascinating book, Barratt and Bronson examine in detail respect and reputation including how to behave in prison, how to treat other prisoners, how to be a great door supervisor, when to show respect, how to gain the respect of others and ultimately how to develop an awesome reputation both in prison, on the doors and in life generally. With lots of real life anecdotes as well as contributions from many other hard men (and a few women), this gripping book takes its reader into the psychology of a world rarely explored.


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A fascinating insight into the minds of the Men In Black. This book shows how Britain s small army of club security men think about their job, their punters and themselves, with an emphasis on respect and decency. It s a long way from the popular stereotype of bouncers as knuckle-scrapping nutters who punch first and ask questions later —Garry Bushell, Daily Star Sunday

Robin Barratt and Charles Bronson have teamed up to call for us all to adopt a peaceful future! Respect and Reputation takes a look at what respect really mean, how to eart it and whether a reputation is a help or hindrance. —The Weekly News

A riveting book written by two men who are eminently qualified to do so. Robin Barratt and Charles Bronson are both graduates from the University of Hard Knocks, and understand the crucial relevance of “respect and reputation” in the worlds they inhabit. Brutal, honest, wickedly funny at times and even shrewdly philosophical, Respect & Reputation provides a fascinating insight into lives that few of us could accurately imagine and are even less likely to experience. Not to be missed. —Mike Hallowell, The Shields Gazette