Watched the Avengers: AoU

A little Avenger: Age of Ultron review for anyone interested:

It’s good but not Winter Solider good… where the first film had flaws, the audience were happy to overlook them for it was the first time they had all been brought together in one film… this sequel however feels like the pressure to be bigger and better had set in and Whedon tried too hard giving us far too much character development on each Avenger (after 3 Iron Man films and the first Avengers… I know the character of Stark, I know his layers… he ain’t no onion boy… and Stars and Stripes Cap… who if you haven’t got him down yet then what’s the point of adding more?) and thanks to the Scarlet Witch we got an unnecessary batch of Phase 3 build ups… Only one Avenger needed this arc (and if you know what’s coming up in Phase 3 you should know the one I’m on about) and all these little story threads that went nowhere could have shaved a good 15 minutes off the runtime.

Don’t get me wrong there are worse ways to spend 2.5hrs (Jupiter Ascending I am looking at you) and the pros far outweigh the cons on this film (to which I will be seeing it again very soon with family in tow)… yet there is this niggling feeling at the back of my head that just doesn’t sit right… like RDJ – he is Stark…. (Tony not Ned) through and through yet like following your favourite stand-up comedian, eventually you’ll hear and be reciting all the routines… for me, Stark has become Captain Jack Sparrow – same ‘ole, same ‘ole… nothing new and I think it’s reached a point where he needs to be…. Hopefully Civil War (Captain America 3) will offer that opportunity and RDJ will get to strut some new material…. Cap is Cap… the boy scout (and much like the old Superman is too goody goody) he needs to show a darker side, he is a seasoned soldier for god’s sake who has taken lives, he can easily be portrayed in a different light albeit briefly to add a little chocolate to his all vanilla flavour… again I am hoping Civil War will allow that…

The other thing is, I felt they should have spent a few more months in post to really smooth out that CGI (especially on the opening scene) at this level (budget and scope) some things just shouldn’t be an issue.

As for the rest (I promise – No Spoilers) it was spot on… for starters it should be renamed Age of Spader… just his voice commands menace… and if you like Blacklist this is basically Reddington in a metal suit… Ruffalo smashes it as Banner and the Hulk is the man (once again), Black Widow is always a pleasure to watch especially with her storyline and Hawkeye finally got to be the hero (if you read the comics) that makes him the John Wayne of Marvel (I think Fury should start up the Black Ops division so we get the darker edge to some of the characters in Marvels stable). The three new additions blended in with ease and if you know your Marvel lore by the end of the film you’ll see where it’s all moving forward to in terms of Phase3 and 4. Loads of great spots, one-liners and Easter eggs for the more observant viewers… This is just my opinion on it…

I think an extra plus is that this franchise sits with Disney and not universal, otherwise I could see E.L James demanding to write the third one and being allowed to do so with an option to direct the 4th and I dread to think what that would do to the all superhero genre