it’s coming

I am always amazed by the interest this failed experiment still holds with some of you to which we give thanks… even now we still are asked if it will ever be finished… and to that we can only say ‘No’… we highlighted the reasons as to why this could not be completed and every time it came down to the same thing… certain cast members weren’t committed enough to give us their time on the same day as others and so completing big scenes that involved all the central characters could never be filmed… We are the first to agree that it is a shame as just a few more days of peoples time and we would have had this wrapped but alas that was not the case.

Nevertheless, unlike some, we don’t quit and we have been working on something to bring to the world to showcase all the efforts of those involved… it may not be the experimental feature film we were hoping for but we do hope it is seen as being just as cool… We bring you issue 1 of the Dead Wood Graphic Novel that is available as both a paperback and as a Kindle download:




If there is enough interest in this one then we will zombie on and do the next issue and so forth, changing the story slightly to give the series an ending – we envision around 6 issues in total.

We have both formats for sale to the general public so please feel free to Share, retweet, pin, blog, highlight or shout from the rooftops about it… a (very) small return can be made from each sale so if we can get enough people buying it then we intend to use those funds to make another feature, learning from all the mistakes of this one and this time succeed where this one failed. We have another story in mind that would fit the criteria of the original concept and naturally this time round we’ll know that those on board are committed to seeing it through till the end.

We thought this may be a little more interesting than crowd funding from Kickstarter etc

We thank all the cast and crew for their time, their patience, their support and most of all their friendship and hope that 2016 will see the return of this group being back on set.