3 days notice to produce a 37 second entry… we came 3rd, now that’s extraordinary…. Many thanks to all those that helped make it possible….

When the extraordinary is involved, anything is possible…especially for Diggs who openly admits he is will take everyone’s money at poker…
New Breed Productions presents ‘The Bailiff’ starring Andre Samson and Otis Samuels.


Featuring: Dave Stevens, Robby Haynes, Andy Taylor, Gary Joseph, Moe Shah Meah, Gary Swan & Rob D’Riche.

Produced by Paul Knight, Jamie O’Keefe & Shawn Birch, Co-Produced by Che Conroy & Dave Kool Wiltshire

Screenplay by Paul Knight & Jamie O’Keefe

DoP Mike Geoghan

Music by Rob D’Riche

Directed & Edited by Paul Knight.

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