Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks is an explosive book that takes the reader on a thrilling journey from the birth of bare knuckle and unlicensed boxing to the present day and blows the whistle on the many myths and misrepresentations about the sport that have existed in the past. As the criminal underworld has well known connections with the world of unlicensed boxing, the book also documents the close relationship between boxing and the hidden world of the gangland ‘faces’ and draws you into their violent, frightening and blood thirsty heart. Author Tel Currie started out as fighter himself and has worked as a boxing promoter. He also moves amongst, and associates with, well known gangland names. Having so many villains and infamous characters as trusted friends means that he has first hand information available at his fingertips and is able to really tell it as it is. No one understands the dark side of boxing better than Tel Currie as this gritty account proves. In this world, not only is fact stranger than fiction, it is often a lot more brutal!


It s so refreshing to read the truth for once —Freddie Foreman, Former Underworld Figure and Author of ‘Brown Bread Fred’

A startling book from a man who knows. —Ronnie Knight, Former Underworld Figure and Author of ‘Blood and Revenge’

A book that pulls no punches! —Charlie Richardson, Former Gangster & Author of ‘My Manor’

Tel has lifted the lid off a secret world! —Howard Marks, Famous International Drug Smuggler & Author of ‘Mr Nice’