Billy Martindale, son of renowned fighter Lew ‘Wild Thing’ Yates, adopted the alias ‘Yates’ in recognition of his father’s professional name whilst he worked the doors, when a string of misdemeanour’s from an adolescent age caused Billy to hide his true identity.

This amazing true story of one man’s survival on the run and living life under the radar will test your emotions as Billy’s life of abandonment, misery, violence, adventure and luck will have you laughing at his comical pranks, crying at his pain and in awe of his life amongst some of Britain’s most notorious villains, like Danny Woolard, Freddie Foreman, Frankie Frazer, and his good friend, fighting legend Roy Shaw, who describes Billy as “one of the old school, he keeps his mouth shut, his head down and does the business”


An excellent read – a must have book! You’ll find out what Billy Martindale has done throughout his young life so far….. — E. BALDWIN